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Over the years, Intel owned the data-center industry when it comes to CPUs. Let’s see if this new offering from the red team will change that.

TL:DR: AMD’s long-awaited return to the data centre has been marked with the launch of Naples – their server-grade Zen-based SoC. It seemed that it will take the fight with Intel in both the desktop and server markets, which the latter, currently powering 95% of servers worldwide, which might, make Intel freak out again.

This massive 32-core System-on-Chip (SoC) is based on the new Zen architecture, and each Naples CPU offers 64 threads per core, eight (8) memory channels, 128 PCI-Express 3.0 lanes from each socket and support for up to 4TB of RAM.

AMD is positioning the chip head to head against Intel’s $5,000 Xeon E5-2599A v4 CPUs, and the firm boasts that Naples offers 45% more cores, 60% more output and 122% more memory bandwidth – ridiculous core counts is which AMD is actually known, also. The firm also claimed that a Naples-powered server was two and a half times faster completing the tasks than a competing Xeon-powered machine.

On its demonstration, AMD offered a workload that quadrupled the size of the data set. The Naples machine completed the task in 54 seconds, while the Intel-powered system crashed with inadequate memory.

Forrest Norrod, senior vice president and general manager of AMD’s Enterprise, Embedded and Semi-Custom business unit, said: “Today marks the first major milestone in AMD reasserting its position as an innovator in the data centre and returning choice to customers in high-performance server CPUs.”

“Naples’ represents a completely new approach to supporting the massive processing requirements of the modern data center. This groundbreaking system-on-chip delivers the unique high-performance features required to address highly virtualized environments, massive data sets and new, emerging workloads.”

The Naples chip is expected to ship to server makers in the second quarter of this year, but there’s no word on pricing yet. And yes, Naples will be cheaper than Intel’s comparative Xeon offering.

AMD last week announced the launch of its flagship Ryzen desktop CPUs, which, in our honest opinion, makes Intel freak out – bringing the fact that they’ve slashed prices into their CPUs the time Ryzen surfaced on markets. Now, the red team has another thing in hand that will make them freak out.

It is better to have a competition as always, for these companies to strive more on innovation, not only for profit.

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