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Who still uses it anyway?

Back in October 2017, Microsoft announced that it will decrease support on its Groove Music Pass, along with its related streaming and purchasing features, and it was seemingly due to the fact that since its launch on October 2015, it failed to get an edge between its primary competitors, namely, their new partner – Spotify.

If you can’t beat them, join them.

On a pop-up note from Groove Music app, it says that they’ve partnered with their previous competitor in order to bring the world’s largest music streaming service.

Image retrieved from TechSpot

After December 31st of 2017, music can no longer be streamed through Groove apps, songs can no longer be purchased from the Microsoft Store, music video playback has been shutted down as well as the Radio, Explore and Recommended features of the app have also been removed.

By opening the Microsoft Store app on any Windows 10 device, users will now be greeted by a new menu, without the Music tab.

Microsoft recommends users switch to Spotify, promising a feature that will let Groove Music users’ seamlessly migrate to the service. With apps across almost all platforms, Spotify is perhaps the most versatile among the market right now.