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CES 2018 just wrapped up but our series of articles covering the biggest tech show on earth are still dropping! Check them out HERE.

NVIDIA dropped some dope AF tech at CES this year, like their Big Fat/Format Gaming Displays, AI-powered cars and robots as well as its new service which aims to help humans who are in the Potato PC league experience what the #PCMasterRace guys are getting.

This is an $400 Acer Swift laptop running PUBG off the cloud via the GeForce Now service (Photo from Sarah Tew/CNET)


What NVIDIA showed us off at CES this year is the capability of their GeForce now service when it comes to PCs and Macs.

The idea is not new, and GeForce Now cloud-gaming service is quite around for sometime now. It was actually thought to be flop at first, but here we are.

It’s kind of a game-boosting cloud-based service, which uses NVIDIA’s cloud-based GPUs to power up your game. It’ll become a paid service eventually, but now, it is in beta for both Windows and Mac, so you can try it for FREE but on a waitlist basis.

NVIDIA revealed at CES 2017 that you can now install your own games from Steam (an issue that ultimately saves it from being flop),, and added in 2018 was Ubisoft’s UPlay, letting you to even carry over your savegames.

What do you need to run this?

If you made it to the waitlist round, NVIDIA wants you to have at least a 25Mbps of stable internet connection or better (they actually recommend 50Mbps to take full advantage of the service).

You can find the list of supported games here. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is among them, which is a game that made millions angry due to its high-spec requirements yet rendering unpleasing performance, before the 1.0 release.

Learn more about GeForce Now through this LINK.