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OnePlus 3T, the acclaimed flagship killer by OnePlus, has a new variant, and it comes in a really, really few amount of 250 pieces.

With an all-black metal unibody plus a Colette logo on the back, the ‘Colette Edition OnePlus 3T’ will only be available in Colette’s Paris store on March 21st at 11AM local Paris time. Early buyers will also get a pair of OnePlus Bullet headphones.

However, nothing has changed with the specs of the phone and this one has still the storage capacity of 128GB. And apparently, the limited edition has a price tag of $510 or about Php26k.

There’s nothing changed in specs other than the color so – it’s still the same.

And to those who were hoping to get their hands on that limited edition OnePlus 3T after these 250 units are sold, goodluck on paying a little bit higher price than the given one. 😀

Source: OnePlus Forums