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I usually don’t take photos of myself or “selfies” unlike other people do. But when I take a few of them, I make sure that they are pretty good and Instagram-worthy. That’s why I am excited when filters for photos have been installed into mobile phone cameras, as effects that makes your photos really look good, without exerting so much effort.

This time, we will be
talking about the OPPO F1s’ amazing camera and their presets of filters installed. Do the good camera and these selfie filters remove the need of editing your photos on Instagram? Let’s see.

The OPPO F1s sports a 16MP front “selfie” camera with a 1/3.1-inch sensor and a F/2.0 aperture.  This means that the
camera will do better on low-light shots, by allowing more light to enter the sensor
and enhance the camera sensitivity.

In simple words, you can
get natural looking selfies/shots even at night, where in most cases, camera
performance is poor.

Some sample shots of the camera are here.

Also, with the Oppo’s camera is a built-in feature
called Beautify 4.0. It utilizes
data from millions of users around the world to get you the best looking shots,
with its redefined Blemish reduction to ensure the beautiful and natural
looking photos.

Adding to these cool
features is their cool “Selfie Panorama” feature. If you want all of your
friends to be included in a picture but have a problem with the framing because
of the reasons like all of you can’t fit in a single frame, or you don’t have a
tripod to put the phone along, this will really help you. 

Like the traditional
Panorama, this incredible feature lets users tilt the phone from side-to-side
to capture a wide angle selfie, giving you a chance to include all of your
friends in a single picture. Cool right?
And in fact, it stitches the picture right away for easy sharing.
AND NOW, the
part that I really love to talk about the most, is the integration of some cool
filters for your selfies. Oppo F1s
has introduced seven sets of preset filters that are really cool. Check
them out below:
However, there is one
filter that really caters up to my taste. It is called “Soft”. Why Soft?
As for me who has a fair complexion and a man who is a huge fan of color-grading/correction when making my videos, the Soft filter makes me look much better than the usual. It makes the colors more vibrant and crisp, making your photos look like it was shot in a cinema-grade camera and colored by a professional colorist.

The fact that you don’t need to have technical knowledge about using the hue, saturation and other knobs that you usually find on editing software to achieve this great look is what mesmerizes me the most. I mean it’s just done in a click or in a second unlike what most professionals do. I don’t mean in any way that this can really replace professionals’ work but what do I want to imply here is that the quality of the output can really step up in the game of photo enhancing, that’s why I really love these filters.

The filters, especially
the soft one makes my job easier and
faster, enabling yourself to spend more time enjoying the moments you’re in rather
than more time spent just to make sure the photos look good. After all, the
camera still contributes well to the outcome of your selfie. If you have a poor
performing camera, then the filters might not be a good thing to use. But not
with the case of our current subject, the OPPO F1s.
Anyway, as for a
blogger/vlogger like me, frequent taking of photos as subjects on my blog is a
must. Either a picture of myself on the place, or with some other stuff
(especially the ones I’m going to review) are usually challenging and
pressuring to do so, especially if you are going to post these pictures on your
blog which can be seen and criticized by every reader/viewer. The time that I
spend on enhancing these photos sometimes extend my work hours, not only
because I select my photos meticulously but also enhancing them carefully.
But now, with the help of
these filters (especially the “Soft” one that I became an instant fan when I
first saw it), the time for enhancing photos will be reduced and instead, I can
focus more on writing my blog entries and on shooting some of my vlogs and videos using the
OPPO F1s’ great selfie camera and selfie filters.
By the way, a limited
edition “space gray” variant of the OPPO F1s is now available. Head to your
nearest OPPO authorized resellers or mobile phone stores and get one now! Or head here for a special limited offer on Lazada (including a FREE VR headset and Selfie Stick!)
Or visit their website for
more details and complete specs:
And if you are going to
ask me if I do recommend the OPPO F1s? Yes, I do. It’s a flagship-like phone but not at a flagship-like price.
There will be a full review of this phone soon so follow my blog if you want to
know more about it!
Thanks for reading!
– Bryan Snow