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Philips recently revealed a massive 49-inch ultra-wide monitor to be released in the second half next year – the Philips 492P8.

Specs and Features

The 492P8 is a 32:9 aspect ratio ultra-wide monitor that features a 3840×1080 resolution and a 1800R curvature. It’s based on the same VA (vertical alignment) panel as Samsung’s CHG90 QLED, although it’s sad to say that it doesn’t have AMD’s FreeSync 2 support, as well as the QLED backlighting which the CHG90 from Samsung has. It is also not yet clear whether or not the monitor will sport the same 144Hz refresh rate and high dynamic range (HDR).

In terms of connectivity, it has DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, and USB Type-C display inputs (one each) as well as a two port USB 3.0 hub, one Ethernet jack, and two 3.5mm audio jacks (one headphone and one microphone).

It may not be the best option for gamers wanting an ultra-wide, but this monitor is sure to find a place in the corporate world with lots of side-by-side windows open in brightly lit office environments. Depending on reviews it could also be good for flight sims, 4X games, and other gaming as well.

Pricing and Availability

The Philips 492P8 monitor is scheduled for a Q2 2018 release with a MSRP of USD $1,077 (~PhP53,8K). Of course, it is still far, and specifications and pricing might change between now and then, but it seems Philips is aiming for a budget option under $1100 – which is great considering the projected cost of Samsung’s CHG90.