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Be careful on what you are downloading on every Facebook groups and non-trusted websites. We spotted an app that was disguised as a proprietary Free Facebook app for Android users. However, the app seems to be intended for “phishing” your information. The app is already scattered among Facebook groups in the Philippines.

And for those who don’t know what is Phishing, it is a way that hackers use to get your information by disguising into something that people use to type in their information, without knowledge that the one they typed will be also sent to the hackers other than the intended destination server. A little code is added in order to accomplish that action, which leads to account hacking, information theft and so much more.

So, the alleged phishing app that was spotted on popular device support & tech related groups was disguised as ‘Free Facebook’ app, with promise of having free access for those who cannot afford to do so, though there is the Free Facebook that you can access using on your browsers. The app is also presumed to have a keylogger as it automatically changes your password as soon as you log on from the app. It also promises you to the ability to see pictures, and even watch Facebook videos, which requires load or data balance to do so.

Now, somebody from a Facebook group (name not censored) has provided instructions on how does the phishing app works, and it seems that the crucial information such as e-mail and passwords are the only one the hacker can get access into. But once the hacker got your details, the rest will be finished, since he/she knows your password.

PSA: Be careful on what you download especially from unknown sources. It is better to stick with the trusted sites such as APKMirror or something like that, or much better is purchasing and downloading the app directly from the Google Play Store. Not only secured but also you’ve helped the developer itself. It’s also best to enable two-factor authentication on Facebook to avoid account intrusion and problems in the latter.

Source: YugaTech