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ANOTHER PINOY WIN: Truly this is a year for us Filipinos when it comes to e-sports, from TNC Pro Gaming bagging $800,000 (Php40,000,000) and Heartstone Pinoy player Euneil “Staz” Javinas bagging $150,000 (Php7,500,000) to NBA2K17 players Custer George Galas and Augusto Anthony De Jesus. bagging $3000 (Php150,000) in Taipei, Taiwan,

Using the team Golden State Warriors, Galas and De Jesus won the championship of the NBA 2k17 Asia Tournament, beating their Taiwanese opponent nicknamed ChihChung who played Cavaliers with the final score of 50-35. The game was divided into 4 6-minute periods. Pictured above are the top 3.

Galas and De Jesus won the NBA2K17 Philippine championship last October at ESGS 2016 that earned them the chance to represent the country in the competition.

#PCMasterRace / #ConsoleMasterRace? No, truly Peenoise at its finest.

via ABS-CBN, Pacific