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There are so many rumors about the Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8 this year. But now, one of the best leaks that we have is from a Poland-based gadget leaker that resembles the previous leaks about the looks of the Galaxy S8.

Take a look at the embedded tweet below.

From DforDesign Twitter account, the image shows two display shells that are supposed to be for the Galaxy S8 and the larger S8 Plus. Both look like they have curved screens with very little bezel. They also both look much like the mockup that was used in the recent videos from Samsung’s Display advertisement.

Android Police also pointed out the many sensor holes/windows on top of both display shells, which may indicate that the Galaxy S8 could have added features like the iris scanning that was included in the discontinued Galaxy Note 7. In any case, bear in mind that this image has not been confirmed as coming from Samsung, and it could just be a decent mockup, and knowing the fact that these are unofficial leaks, you should take this report perhaps, with a grain of salt.

Current rumors point to the Korean smartphone giant officially announcing the Galaxy S8 sometime in April, with an official launch happening shortly afterwards. Is it a goodbye for a flat version of the said smartphone? Let us know from the comments below!

via, DforDesign