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A report from Digitimes has predicted another gamers’ nightmare for 2018 – another price hike of graphics cards, thanks to cryptocurrency mining, tight supply of memory devices and the recent release of PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG), making gamers to upgrade their graphics cards as well as Fortnite (which has a strong presence of players in China).

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Our dream for 2018, wishing for it to be in reality, ASAP (Image via Reddit)

The demand for GPUs in the mining sector didn’t decrease and is still going on this year, resulting to tighter GPU supply. Add to that is the scarce supply and increased production costs of memory devices.

An increase of US$ 5-20 is predicted and will be felt with mid-to-high end GPUs – adding another pain to its current prices which is way more than 40% of its normal price.

Some graphics card vendors believe the price hike will only have limited impact on demand from the cryptocurrency mining sector, but will have a huge impact on graphics card sales in the gaming sector.

And even though a newer generation graphics card/GPU is released, it will still not undermine the demand that we are currently facing right now, with popular cryptocurrencies on the rise.


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