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Intended to be a giveaway, the very limited edition Razer Chroma Mug (#0494 out of ONLY 1337 manufactured), along with its Flask holder was spotted on eBay. Accompanied with an hilarious listing details, it was also ridiculously priced at £400.00, or approximately 21,000Php.

But, it seems that the one who gave it away to some partners and some die-hard Razer fans for free was disappointed. A Facebook post from the Razer CEO, Min-Liang Tan shows some signs of disappointment, however, he also added that:

but his description wins the internets so I’m going to close one eye and assume it’s a gamer fallen on hard times and that this sale will bring him back to gaming glory“.

He also added:

Also – I can see in 12K not 8K peasantry. Get your damn facts right.

PS: If you guys can wait, I’ve got a plan going where we’re going to be giving away the mugs for free for our hardcore fans. More details soon

Now, to make your life easier, and for you to see what’s the description says that makes Tan to say “wins the internet:, we’ve copied it and pasted it here for your pleasure.

Since the dawn of time, only three things have been guaranteed. You are born. You will die. Razer will release a limited edition Christmas gift for the chosen few. This year is no different. Introducing the Razer Chroma Mug. This marvel of modern engineering skillfully combines hot beverages with RGB lighting to create an absolute taste sensation, because everyone knows that everything tastes better with RGB. Unfortunately, only 1337 people worldwide will ever get to sip upon this chalice of wonder.


Pictured is #0494. There are many like it (1337 to be exact) but this one is special. Why? because it’s for sale on eBay. You can finally elevate yourselves to the heights only reached by the Razer elite and obtain one of these fabled drinking companions. The luxurious packaging includes the mug, the warming plate (powered by USB – aka Unyielding Sexy Brewtime) which contains the tasty RGB goodness via the Chroma ring, that can even be synced with your other Razer peripherals to enjoy all the benefits of RGB super-exposure. The package also includes a pair of stickers, a manual and most importantly, a personal message from our lord & saviour – Min-Liang Tan. It is said that only he can see in true 8K 200FPS at all times, and that he can turn anything he touches into Chroma certified products. Without sifting through fact and fantasy, all we can confirm is that he’s happy to welcome you to the liquid consuming elite.

Here’s a FAQ detailing what would presumably be the most asked questions on this listing: 

Q – But can it run Crysis?

Q – Will this work with my PS4?
A – Absolutely not. Console peasantry are confined to the cold and empty watchlist, eagerly looking in at what only the masterrace can use (and afford) Fun fact, it may warm up your brew though (if you put it near the fan exhaust ports that is! #trollface)

Q – What’s your favourite type of cheese?
A – Monterey Jack, although I’m quite partial to a nice Camembert now and again.

Q – Is everything included?
A – Yes, you will receive everything that was mentioned in the listing. This isn’t one of this annoying listings where you end up buying a box with nothing in it. The people who do such listings should get in the sea.

Q – Can you confirm which celebrities have also received this gift?
A – Quite a few actually, Tom Hanks, Terry Crews, Abraham Lincoln and Harambe have already done unboxing videos on Youtube if you search hard enough.

Q – Has it been used?
A – Not at all. The Razer Chroma Mug is in brand new condition. This is due to the miniscule needle that implants a chip into your hand shortly after taking the first sip from it, identifying you to Razer and keeping track of your movements 24/7 to appease Emperor Tan.*

*May be complete nonsense, apart from the new part, it’s never been used.

Q – How many more of these are you going to do?
A – Not sure, depends how creative I’m feeling prior to the listing going live.

Q – Will this mug make me more attractive to the opposite sex?
A – Yes – Even while I have been in temporary possession of the mug I have received unsolicited emails from Scarlett Johanssen, Emma Watson and Margot Robbie. Use this power for good, not evil.

Q – Is your camera made of potato?
A – Yes, King Edward in fact.

Q – Will any liquid placed in the Razer Chroma Mug work in the same way as the Holy Grail does in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, thereby being a foolproof way to bring our lord and saviour aka Harambe back to life?
A – Unfortunately not, we already tried. In fact, I composed a Haiku to explain: –

D**ks out for Harambe
Cry the internet legions
Gorilla is kill

Q – What is the optimum biscuit of choice to accompany the Razer Chroma Mug?
A – Two words – Party Rings. If a biscuit had Chroma functionality, it would be these.

Now for the serious bit. Please only bid if you intend to buy the item. Joke bids are all fun and games until you win something, don’t pay and then find a horses head nestled under the covers of your bed a few days later. I have access to an entire field of horses willing to give their life in the noble deed of ‘sending a message’. 0 feedback bidders, please don’t be that guy. Noone likes that guy. If you have 0 feedback message me first if you are serious about buying the item. Shipping is available to most countries worldwide through eBay’s international shipping program. If you’re not included though, give me a shout and I’ll work out a price to ship it to you, as I don’t see why country borders should stop someone from enjoying this great gift that has been bestowed upon mankind by Razer. The full package will be shipped by DPD next day in a protective chamber to ensure it reaches you in optimum condition.

Any questions not covered above, feel free to ask! I am selling this on behalf of a friend, so if you read this and have a chuckle, check out the other stuff I’m selling to see if it tickles your fancy!

See the eBay listing here (and buy the Chroma Mug if you want!): LINK