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RED just announced its new flagship sensor for its line of Weapon cameras – the RED Monster 8K VV, which replaces the Dragon 8K VV sensor released last year.

The new Monster 8K VV sensor is quite similar to the previous Dragon sensor on paper. But in terms of notable improvements, it now has a 35.4 megapixel sensor capable of capturing video at 8K @ 60 FPS with a data transfer rate of 300 MB/s and possibility to record simultaneously in RedCode RAW (.r3d) and either Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD / HR format. The camera’s image processor (IPP2) has also been enhanced to provide a completely revised workflow experience, with enhancements such as better highlighting display, better management of challenging colors, improved color interpolation algorithm and more “.

This new sensor also offers higher image quality thanks to the inclusion of a wider dynamic range / WDR along with greater detail in the shadows.

Pricing and Availability

The new RED Weapon cameras with the Monster 8K VV sensor will go on sale for $79,500 (~PhP4M). Knowing that this type of camera is a modular one, obviously, other accessories like lenses, batteries, screen, lenses, storage, grips, etc., are purchased separately from RED or other manufacturers. In case you do want a carbon fiber chassis to gain resistance, you have to pay another $29,500 (~PhP1.5M). The new cameras with the new sensor will go on sale in early 2018.

However, there’s no word if you can get the sensor as an upgrade to your previous Dragon sensor, in case you own a RED camera previously.

It’s ridiculously expensive – yes, we know

Note that this camera isn’t for the average joe out there – this kind of camera has a specific niche (professional cinematographers and videographers) as well as bigtime people who don’t have elsewhere to spend their money with.

But if you do have at least PhP5M or $100,000 to spend with for video equipment – this one is a good investment.


Source: RED Cameras