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While we are on the focus at flagship mobile phone reveals and announcements at Barcelona, South Korean giant SK Telecom also joins the biggest mobile tech show in the world, and has revealed a new device, which features a hologram of Red Velvet’s Wendy – talk about living with her sounds pleasing, much more to a Red Velvet fan.

AI assistants are popular nowadays in South Korea, and of course, over the world. With its ease of use and learning through time to time use, having a device that you can talk with sounds crazy at first, but having it to do some tasks for you is definitely amazing, especially if you are really lazy to do it by yourself.

In line of that, SK Telecom and SM Entertainment (Red Velvet’s agency) has formed an alliance and that resulted to what they called the HOLOBOX.

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The smart device is 365 millimeters (approx. 14.4 inches) tall and 170 millimeters (approx. 6.7 inches) in diameter, and features high-definition images using laser-based ultra short throw projection technology.

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Powered by an artificial intelligence (AI), HOLOBOX ‘Wendy’ can understand a conversation and do things with connected smart devices (more on that later).

What’s more amazing than a regular assistant is that there’s a hologram of Wendy that can make more than 100 facial expressions and show gestures, more like natural movements.

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HOLOBOX ‘Wendy; is capable of traditional smart assistant features such as controlling smart appliances such as lights, dehumidifiers, outlets, and televisions (there are many in Korea); recommend and play music (though we don’t have a list of supported music services just yet); provide information about the weather and the owner’s schedule; have simple engaging conversations with the users; give out greetings and much more.

Stay connected even if you’re out

HOLOBOX allows users to communicate face-to-face with the virtual AI avatar, and the user can even stay connected to it outside of the house using Augmented Reality in smartphones.

For others, SM Entertainment is also rumored on expanding the range of avatars to include Girls’ Generation members and more.

Personally, I am excited to buy this myself as my digital AI assistant, even if it costs me a travel to Korea to get one.

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