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You might see the next iPhone with Samsung’s OLED screens.

Apple has been rumored for long to be working on an upgrade that will make the iPhone 8 with a new and improved OLED display – and now it seems it could be Samsung that will supply the panels for the next-generation iPhone.

The Investor, A South Korean outlet reported that Apple has purportedly reached an agreement with Samsung’s display division that will see the Korean competitor put together a total of 160 million OLED panels for the iPhone 8.

The two companies already had a deal for 100 million units, but this latest report suggests that the Cupertino giant has extended its manufacturing agreement up to 160 million screens. As of now, the timeline for the order remains unclear.

The Investor further remarks that while previous rumors hinted the upcoming iPhone could arrive in three different sizes – with a premium version featuring an OLED panel – the expanded order could be an indication the OLED screen might land on the other models too.

Samsung currently has a tight hold of the OLED screen market, producing 95 percent of the total supply worldwide. More recently, compatriot rival LG has set sights on ramping up its OLED panel production efforts with aims to supply screens to Apple in the near future.

In fact, we do love seeing OLED on the next iPhones, too. Looking forward to the next iPhone, Apple.

Source: 9to5Mac | via TheNextWeb, The Investor | Image via Moe Slah