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Review and Partnerships Policy

SnowTechStuff (STS) / AstPro Media Group (AMG) do accept apps, gadgets/devices, computer parts, peripherals & accessories for review. To submit a product for *possible review / **sponsored content you can send an email to our chief editor: [email protected] / [email protected]

We ‘tech’ things seriously.”

———————- Product Review Policy ———————-

SnowTechStuff / AMG maintains full editorial control over our product and services reviews. This includes choosing which products to review and which ones to publish on our website, YouTube, and social media accounts. In no way any other company should manipulate the editors’ opinion and statements regarding the product we reviewed, unless its proven to break existing laws, and that AMG might be held liable in case there is one.

*However, sending us a device for review does not guarantee one. We try to consider everything, yet there are some reasons that might affect this but not limited to our calendar, the products’ relevance, and available time and resources.

For humanitarian and business purposes, our editors should inform the company/PR agency concerned at least whether the product will be / will not be reviewed – and the possible reason why.

Also, some companies might let us evaluate unreleased products under an exclusive deal – sometimes binded by NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements), and in these cases we will not publish the review until the agreed date and time a review for the product should appear. We do usually keep review sample units for no more than 60 days, and after that they are returned. However, some exceptions might apply and this is subjected to internal arrangements within the tech vendors and/or their respective PR agencies. If this happens, we intend to use the product for our future features and videos.

We try our best to represent every single perspective when it comes to our reviews. We hate biased, one-sided and dishonest reviews of every single tech product in the market, just like every other user out there. We love what we do. We love technology, and we love you. 

And if we find your product deserving, we will give it a sort of “Seal of Recommendation” from our editors – bearing our name that the entire AMG team is really recommending it confidently to users. We decide on our own, however, when to give a product that seal.

We like to work with brands and help them spread the word about their products, but, our opinions and impressions should remain as always our own.

Please note that we do not sell reviews and gadgets. If you are interested to have a sponsored post on our website or social media accounts, please contact us through the Contact Us page.

Partnerships / Campaigns Policy

**As said above, SnowTechStuff also accepts partnerships / advertising campaigns / sponsored projects. We do hereby have the discretion to choose what to approve and what to reject when it comes to this matter. In VERY RARE cases, we reject campaigns when it doesn’t adhere on our policies, or seems harmful for something or the community.

Regarding the details, you can send an email to our chief editor: [email protected]


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Last revised on October 16, 2017.