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Well, that didn’t end well.

Arguing about which graphics card is better, two Russian friends ended up killing one in the most gruesome manner.

Aleksander Trofimov, 37, brought his friend to death with a knife, after hitting him twice in the head. His friend, Evgeny Lylin, died instantly as a result. The murderer was offended at the victim, he stabbed his dead body 11 times after a while.

The incident took place in the town of Saransk, Russia. The friends used to work together as colleagues a few years ago, and kept in touch ever since. Aleksander invited his friend for a few drinks, and both of them got drunk.

This led to the discussion about which cooler of a GPU is better, nVidia or AMD. The discussion soon took a turn for the worst and Aleksander ended up murdering his friend for claiming that AMD was better.

Although, the incident took place over an year ago, Aleksander got convicted and sentenced only recently. He was handed a nine and a half year prison sentence for the crime.

Moreover, the guy clearly has some mental issues (although they were drunk) for murdering someone over the argument about which graphic card is better, and in our opinion, the sentence seems to be low for such a gruesome crime.

Source: Fraghero