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So I got this one little thing at Lazada for the purpose of joining a giveaway, and thankfully, my unplanned purchase was worth it because I won that giveaway. (video below)

Buy the earphone here: LINK

However, I am also eyeing on reviewing this piece of tech for a long time already because of so many positive reviews at Lazada. Now, the question is, does this China-made earphone brings you any good?


Let’s go straightforward. The S530 Bluetooth earphone is only a one-piece earphone which costs Php188.00 or $3.75. But, this earphone actually does the job beyond my expectations, except for the music experience, when it comes to an audiophile perspective in my opinion.



For the basic packaging we got the earphones itself, the very small USB charging cable, and a manual (thankfully there’s also an English instruction right there), and that’s it.

Now, pairing it with a mobile phone works seamlessly. Just turn the Bluetooth earphone by pressing the main button and it will automatically enter pairing mode, which is indicated by the lights flashing red and blue. Open the Bluetooth on your phone and search for S530 and boom, you are done.

You can now play music and answer to your calls wirelessly with your one ear.

On charging the earphones just plug the cable carefully (because it seems to break easily) and plug it into a USB port on your computer / any USB charge adapter to charge (almost 2 hours). When charging, a steady red light will indicate that the earphone is being charged, and when the battery is already fully charged the red light will go off and is being replaced by a steady blue light.

It also has a built-in voice for telling you the things like (Battery Low, Incoming Call and Power On/Off), and is also capable of saying the caller’s incoming phone number (depending on the language configuration if English or Chinese) – however I wasn’t able to test that feature really well. The microphone works well, surprisingly good for answering calls. And the multi-function button can perform several other features such as A2DP for music playback/pause, dialing the last dialed number, and that’s it, no volume or previous/next controls.

However, since this is a cheap stake earphone, there are a few dislikes, even at a regular consumer perspective.

  • First, the blinking light isn’t visible when the earphone is operating and connected with a phone – this will make you confused if your earphone is on or off unless you look on your phone.
  • Second, even though this is a one-piece earphone, the sound leak is really really bad, perhaps due to its plastic and open design, making your music be heard by the one beside you.
  • Third, the working distance/range advertised is 10 meters. However, upon testing the earphone on an open area with no signal interruption in any way possible, I started experiencing signal disruptions and interruptions within 5 meters or just the half of the advertised working range. It also has problems when you put your phone in your pocket or bag, and you try listening, making you forced to pull it out to prevent interruptions.
  • Lastly, the battery life in correspondence to its advertised music playback time doesn’t correspond to my real-world tests as it only last exactly 2 hours on straight music playback (at full charge), rather than the 3 hours advertised playback time. However, standby time is pretty good, but I think it won’t last 120 hours (which is the advertised standby time) because it also failed to comply within its advertised music playback.

Now, with that said, is it worth it to spend almost Php200 or $4 on a product like this? – Well, for me the single piece earphone does the job well, at least. And though it was said that it was designed for you to wear on the right ear, I found it much comfortable for me wearing it on the left – having just a little bit of discomfort at first. It also performs great when answering calls without even wearing it off consciously and it doesn’t fall off easily unlike others I have tried before. 

However, if you want to use it as your daily music driver, I wouldn’t definitely recommend it. High frequencies/treble are bad enough to listen to music and there is a definite lack of low frequencies or bass, perhaps enough for listening to voice from calls.

It is handy to have this for my use since it has a long standby hours, and I’ll still be using my wired earphones for listening to music mostly, since I broke up with my Bluedio headset a while ago. And definitely if you’re looking for a decent Bluetooth headset for calls, you’re not going wrong with this one.

Convinced already? You can buy this at Lazada from this link: LINK

More reviews are going to come soon so stay tuned on for more!