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image courtesy of Myce

Some Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge owners are reporting a problem that there is a vertical pink line on their display (pictured above) which seems irremovable. This issue has been spread on a number of websites, forums and social networks as early as the phone was released March last year — but the story gained more attention recently after it was being taken up by tech site Myce.

The cause of the pink line isn’t yet known. Many reported that the pink line appears seemingly at random, though it’s possible that it’s tied to physical damage, water damage or other misuse.
A Samsung community moderator advises that the device is taken to be repaired, but he also said that the technician who fixes it will decide on whether it’s covered under warranty (i.e. whether it’s the fault of the owner). Samsung already addressed this issue recently and according to our source, they reached out to Samsung regarding this issue and the company responded:

“We are aware of a reported issue with the screen display on a very limited number of Galaxy 7 family phones. Anyone who encounters this issue should contact us at 0330-726-7864 (UK) or 1-800-726-7864 (US/International) to obtain a remedy.”

Also, the tech site Myce suggested a short-term fix:

Go to the dial pad on your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and enter *#0*# . Then click on Red, Green and Blue. This should reset the individual pixels of each color. If it doesn’t work the first time it might be worth to repeat it several times.

And, it might be or might not help, pressing the top of the screen lightly near the front-facing camera would possibly make the line disappear for a while, according to some users.

Since Samsung hasn’t acknowledged this issue as a widespread one, only the technicians would decide as we have said before, if your device was covered by warranty or the problem is caused by physical damage, which, automatically voids it.

Source: AndroidAuthority, Myce