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Following the announcement of its acquisition of Harman, the company behind AKG Acoustics and other audio solutions, Samsung might consider shipping AKG earphones with its upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

However, we can definitely conclude that Harman’s purpose was more on the software-side of tuning than on the hardware side, which we all know Harman group is an expert of.

Galaxy Tab S3 – tuned by AKG (image retrieved from source)

However, in terms of tuning audio, weโ€™re not really sure if how will it look or sound like. LG took it to the extreme by putting in a Hi-Fi Quad DAC in their devices. A hardware change versus the usual software tuning that other device manufacturers make. It might be that Samsung and Harman will stick to software optimization for audio output like what they did with their new Galaxy Tab 3.

But, definitely a combo of tuned audio plus a tuned earphone will give perhaps, the best audio listening experience we all want to have.

(image retrieved from source)

Of course, it is good if Samsung’s upcoming flagship will come with a bundled AKG earphones, and not the usually crappy Samsung earphones which in my honest opinion, is a disposable one. (Sorry Samsung, I’m just being honest here.)

We’re looking forward on seeing a Galaxy S8 with these dope earphones from AKG, as if like what Apple did when they acquired Beats Audio.

Source: Unbox