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The Galaxy Note 7, an ill-fated great phone (according to reviews) and to my personal experience – because I got to see and hold an actual one, ended up being scrutinized by almost everyone due to the fact that it explodes or catch fire, is making its return after Samsung had figured out what caused the phone to explodethe battery.

Galaxy Note 7

Ahead of the Galaxy S8 launch, Samsung confirmed that the Note 7 would make its return on a refurbished state – meaning that it was factory repaired and we assume that the faulty part (battery) were already replaced with a smaller, safer one. In addition, we’ve reported earlier that it might not enter markets where Note 7 bans are directly imposed (such as U.S. and Europe) so it means that emerging markets on Asia such as India, Vietnam and other countries nearby would be the target for the South Korean giant to deplete all the 4.3 million Note 7 units they’ve manufactured and recalled.

Before this announcement was made, Samsung reportedly tried to kill the unreturned Galaxy Note 7 units by remotely prohibiting its charging – with an OTA update. I think that this is to avoid any other issues when they release the refurbished ones – which could be the unreturned ones to explode.

The said action shows that Samsung is scared of having trouble again for the third time regarding the Galaxy Note 7.

Remember the time when Samsung issued a recall and replacement program for Galaxy Note 7 batteries to prevent further exploding units? The replacement units explode, too.

Exploded Galaxy Note 7 shown in picture (image retrieved from ExtremeTech)

The South Korean company absolutely want to regain its almost $5 billion loss due to the Galaxy Note 7 global recall – if not all, a fraction of it from selling the Note 7 again. Like what I’ve said before, the Galaxy Note 7 is a great phone – great to the extent that it can kill all flagships out there, if the battery explosion issue isn’t present. People loved the Galaxy Note 7, too – given the fact that it sold out very fast (around/more than 400,000 pre-orders) ahead of its supposed official launch August last year.

Sad to say, the great and innovative phone made by Samsung – reportedly being rushed in order to take advantage of Apple’s slow pace with regards to phone release ended up firing back on Samsung.

With the Galaxy Note 7 fear still scattered around, people’s trust won’t be easily regained or obtained, especially to those who really seen or encountered the explosion issues or whatever. Even the authorities from the markets and airline companies of the Galaxy Note 7 won’t be impressed with this move, either.

Galaxy Note 7

“Mistakes do happen in life, so why not bother give it a second chance?”

It’s a challenge, definitely, for Samsung itself to regain the trust of the customers with the Note 7 and following smartphones. Moreover, there’s the big risk, of Samsung failing to sell the Note 7 units, ending up their marketing strategy to become a marketing tragedy (not only for the Note 7 but also for other successors [i.e Galaxy Note 8]).

However, if I were asked if I would buy the refurbished Galaxy Note 7 – I’ll definitely say yes.

Why? Samsung is a great phone manufacturer, the Galaxy Note 7 is definitely a great phone, and mistakes do happen in life, so why not bother give it a second chance? Of course, we will have the chance to get the Note 7 in a much cheaper price (that’s a plus) and the hopes of it not exploding or having trouble again.

It’s up to you whether you want to buy it anyway, because on my opinion, there’s still no other phone out there that can truly replace the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 yet.