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Someone should port Google Assistant to this thing!

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South Korean manufacturing giant Samsung unveiled its new generation of Family Hub refrigerators, which, unsurprisingly now comes with the company’s own digital assistant, Bixby at CES in Las Vegas today.

The new Family Hub refrigerators works with all SmartThings-enabled devices, allowing users to control and monitor their smart home from the SmartThings app, which connects also to all Samsung smart appliance as well as third party compatible smart appliances.

Surely, we will love the ‘View Inside’ app which allows users to see the inside of their fridge from anywhere, even without opening the fridge’s door.

We expected that in 2018, where digital assistants are rising, most smart appliances will either support them, too. Unsurprisingly, Family Hub refrigerators now has Bixby and can recognize individual voices as well as provide personalized information based on preferences.

I might ask Bixby like this: “Hey Bixby, do we have food to eat in the fridge?” or “Hey Bixby, what’s new on SnowTechStuff?

Of course, if you’re familiar with Google Assistant, Bixby works the same. Since Samsung group acquired Harman last year, the Family Hub refrigerators now features AKG Premium Quality Sound Speaker, enabling users to stream/cast content from their smartphone to the Family Hub refrigerator.

“What’s more fun while watching YouTube videos from TWICE and BLACKPINK in the front of your ref?”

A Meal Planner for food management, dietary restrictions, and food expiration dates is also present as well as a new Deals app that lets users find great bargains and save them directly to their Shopping List, and take it when you go on shopping.

Indeed, the future of expensive refrigerators are here.”


The new Family Hub will be available this spring in the US, with other key markets such as South Korea soon.