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STS ASIA, Seoul, Korea – South Korean internet service provider SK Broadband, a subsidiary of SK Telecom, recently announced its “Giga Premium” high-speed internet service with up to 2.5Gbps (gigabit per second) internet speeds, making it the fastest in South Korea and three times faster than competing services.

Existing customers who sign up for the service won’t need to change cables. The service will allow users to download high volumes of content using multiple devices.

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SK Broadband is using what’s known as a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) to get these blazing speeds. GPON technology uses what’s known as a “point-to-multipoint architecture,” in which a single optical fiber is used with multiple unpowered fiber splitters.

As an alternative to the traditional Ethernet cables, SK Broadband says it developed its GPON technology and that customers will not need any additional cables. With one cable, SK GPON can hit up to 52.5Gbps.

Each device will get a maximum internet speed of 1Gbps. On average they will enjoy a speed of 833Mbps, three times that of competing 333Mbps, the company said.

SK Broadband will also guarantee a max speed of 50 percent in a service level agreement, it said, a rise from the previous 30 percent.

The company will invest 1 trillion KRW to expand its current coverage by another 40 percent, going from its current 40 percent coverage to achieve 80 percent coverage in South Korea by 2020.

In March, the government announced that it will fund 10Gbps internet projects to boost national rollout.

SK Broadband will roll out 5Gbps and 10Gbps internet services in the second half of the year, which will also use GPON technology. Rival KT is also planning to roll out 10Gbps internet in September.

South Korea is also planning to roll out 5G wireless internet next year, expanding its wir

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