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Snapchat just made their app easier to navigate to find friends, groups, publishers and friend’s stories with an universal search bar that’s always accessible at the top of the app. Recently launched for people who use Android, now it is also there for people who use iOS.
It seems also that the major redesign of the interface was focused on speed, since the app navigation seems to be smoother than before. And then, the added universal search function makes users to look for someone or something has never been easier than before.

images above courtesy of TechCrunch

The Quick Chat, Groups and New Friends suggestions will let you see a particular friend’s message thread or story a lot faster, and to discover someone you might want to follow. Snapchat has been known as confusing to some (even I was confused before) because of its layout and how it relied on users knowing how to swipe around. It only added navigation buttons late in June 2016, but now, users will be able to navigate and look for something via search.
Improved search could be a great opportunity to brands, businesses and online influencers hoping to build their Snapchat audience. Previously, Snapchat only offered a fractured search interface, with boxes for finding specific conversations, accounts to follow and Stories or Discover channels scattered in three different places.

Now let us see if this integration will help Snapchat get back to its original glory after Instagram, the ‘copycat’ of their original ‘stories’ feature, stole the lead.

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