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2017 just ended four days ago and yet we are all busy nowadays returning back to our reality. Yes, us bloggers too, have this mindset as well. Since holiday season is already done, we have to go back to our work and start writing articles for 2018, especially this upcoming CES 2018 at Las Vegas, where tons of tech news and insights will surely pop out minute-by-minute.

Of course, making this list let us scramble very deep into our analytics reports, and compare them each by each to see which is which and which posts really hit our reader’s interest, not only in Philippines, but also in Asia, and in the world.

This list is in no particular order, so that you don’t know which is which. However, the post with the most number of ‘stans’ will be disclosed so that you’ll know why.

If you’re living into the rock on the past decades and doesn’t know what does ‘stan’ means in urban dictionary, well, we already did the job of ‘googling’ for you. says: “Based on the central character in the Eminem song of the same name, a “stan” is an overzealous maniacal fan for any celebrity or athlete.”

Let’s jump into the list. ordered to pay ABS-CBN over PhP92M / $1,81M for damages over piracy issue

If you’re into binge-watching K-Dramas or Asian dramas, chances are you’ve probably heard of this website.

This story was originally posted last January, and updated on September 2017 with ABS-CBN’s notice when accessing the domain. It was shared numerously among Facebook and other social media channels along way.

TRIVIA: KissAsian ranks #27 on SimilarWeb on its “Top 50 Websites in the Philippines” list and #737 on its Top Websites Worldwide (as of this writing) – showing how much the website is popular. ABS-CBN’s seizure of the domain last year didn’t hinder its operations and just directed it into a newer domain name, namely

ULTIMATE YET BUDGET-FRIENDLY Ryzen 3 PC Build Buyer’s Guide (August 2017)

Our next on the list is actually a gaming PC build buyer’s guide, made last August 2017 and is one of the most shared guides among our list. This basic build is equipped with AMD’s Ryzen 3 processor and only reaches a price of around $550 or ~PhP27,000. Check out the link above or our PC Build Guides directory if you want to know more.

Optimize PUBG on POTATO PCs

Yeah, we all know, this is the most hyped paid-to-play game in the existence. And we are also witnesses on how crappy this game performs on the first months of it being in Early Access. Although some of the problems that we’ve addressed here are fixed on PUBG’s 1.0 release last December, we are still hoping for better optimization in the future so that even people with lower-end hardware can play.

“It helps, even just a little bit.”

Intel’s Core i9-7980XE: 18 cores and 36 threads for consumers/enthusiasts announced

Who knows that this story will be included on our list? The announcement of Core i9, particularly the 18-core X-series chip that changes the conventional Core-i series lineup shocks the enthusiasts community, that even the average joe can’t believe. Although Intel is in a very very big debacle right now, we hope next year that they will see something to get back and fix their problems.

These are Intel Coffee Lake CPUs leaked Philippine prices

This story from STS Despatch actually make the headlines among tech news publications not only in the Philippines, but also around the world as well. The leak was so big that even popular tech-tubers recognized it and included it on their videos/livestreams, just like how Linus of LinusTech cited it at one of the episodes of their WAN show.


Our very first PC Build Guide published on SnowTechStuff is also making the list with the most number of views among our build guides. It was shared multiple times among Facebook groups and communities as well as the vlogs accompanying this post garnered more than 6,000 views.

Equipped with AMD’s Ryzen 5, the budget build that can handle PUBG well and other AAA games is surely one of the builds you’ll want to check out if you are on a tight budget. Note that only the price of the system unit is included, so it means that monitor, peripherals and OS prices aren’t there.

Cong TV with his fellow YouTubers at ASUS ROG Concept Store SM North EDSA [Photo: Bryan Snow/AMG]
YouTube personality Cong TV gets his most awaited laptop from ASUS ROG! – here’s what happened.

I don’t think that every aspiring Pinoy YouTuber doesn’t know or have heard of Cong TV. He’s famous for his comedy videos and vlogs which nowadays, each videos garner around 500K-1M views, only days after upload.

His buzzing out for a ROG laptop from ASUS surely make heated discussions among communities, fans which they call “Chicken Feet Gang” and enthusiasts, alone. However, we exclusively covered the turn-over event and got these close-up photos.

If you want to know more, feel free to read the article linked above.

“Philippines needs their porn” – PornHub about PLDT blocking PornHub

A recent Cybercrime-related law was enacted in the Philippines, and that resulted out to government agencies telling internet service providers (ISPs) to block some of the adult websites that are known to have child porn. They blocked some popular adult websites such as YouPorn, RedTube and XVideos (to name a few). In this tweet from PornHub’s ARIA, it tells PLDT to unblock PornHub, after sawing a major decrease in their web traffic coming in from the Philippines.

TRIVIA: Philippines was formerly ranked #1 in most number of users at Pornhub. Seriously, what company wants to lose a massive number of users?


We are seriously bursting out in laughter when we found out that this guide was THE MOST viewed and MOST shared among all our guides. It seems to us that most of our readers are DESPERATE when it comes to watching their favorite videos in the dark side.

However, this guide doesn’t only help you to unblock those adult sites, it also helps you to protect yourself from the internet by being anonymous, and also to unblock region-restricted websites and services such as Play Music, Vevo and etc.

CONFIRMED: Slow internet in most South East Asia countries due to broken undersea cables

This story is the number 1 on our list. We’ve witnessed and experienced slowdown on our internet connectivity recently, especially with wired internet users. The story became trending overnight worldwide, leading to SnowTechStuff’s server crashes and serious access problems.

The article was also cited among various big Asian news websites and being shared on Reddit and other social media platforms from time to time this story is significant.