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We repeatedly told you about the fact that Intel restricted the support for its newer 8th Generation processors on its older Z170/Z270 motherboards. However, it seems that the said move was reversible, although it will take you a lot of time as well as the risk of modding your expensive components just to do so.

A post from Chinese website Baidu give the enthusiasts some hopes again, since a successful modder modded his MSI Z170A XPOWER Titanium to support Intel‘s 8th Generation chip, particularly the Core i3-8350k.

While there’s also the possibility of supporting chips of up to the i7-8700k due to the motheboard’s modified power delivery, BIOS changes and microcode modifications were necessary to make this work. As VideoCardz notes, the integrated GPU is not available, and even the primary PCI-Express slot is not working. Probably more experiment in modifications would give solution to these problems.

Intel stated before that power delivery modifications for the newer LGA1151 socket (a.k.a. Coffee Lake-S) made backward compatibility impossible. Also, a representative from ASUS confirmed that the decision to disable the 8th Generation chips support for Z170/Z270 was by Intel. This just proves that what the company had stated was true.

Unless you know what you should do in order to get this, we don’t recommend modifying anything on your computer / motherboard settings just to get Coffee Lake-S support.

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