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CES 2018 is now on-going and our series of articles covering the biggest tech show on earth are now dropping! Check them out HERE.

Remember Razer’s Project Valerie back at CES last year?

Well, we’ve actually wished that concept came into reality if not only due to its prototypes being stolen. However, something at CES 2018 – made by Slidenjoy, re-envision Razer’s idea of expanding your laptop display into each side. But is it exactly like what Razer have promised? Well, kinda sort of.

Slidenjoy’s ‘Le Slide’ adds two additional monitors to your existing laptop, unlike Razer’s Project Valerie which is a different laptop by itself. Simply means, take out your portable laptop and let’s add a Le Slide to it.

It comes in either 13, 15, and 17 inch (33, 38, and 43cm) models, all with Full HD resolution (1920×1080) 16:9 LED display with 60hz refresh rate that runs on a single USB 3.0 /USB-C port or two USB 2.0 ports and uses DisplayLink to power its graphics which is good because we don’t need to rely on the laptop’s GPU to drive this thing at the very least.

What’s amazing is that the screens are adjustable by 180 degrees. This means you can share your screen with someone in a face-to-face meeting, not awkwardly leaning on each other just to see something, or fold it together when not in use.

The company also stated its plans on making a gaming version in the future.

What’s the catch?

Slidenjoy says it’ll use up about 30-50 percent of your battery power, so this isn’t an accessory for those who mostly work on the go without a plug. However, it promises the expandability of your work area without bringing too much bloat of an external display.


It doesn’t come cheap though, but you can order one now on the Slidenjoy website starting from $415.