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With the announcement of so many flagships at the recently concluded MWC 2017, there’s a smartphone, that eventually stands out amongst everyone out there – not only due to its name but also to its considered a bit overkill features that we might love.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium (image retrieved from Sony)

The buzz came after hearing the rumors about the smartphone’s capabilities when it comes on shooting videos. Now, we’ll elaborate the reasons why this smartphone is a bit overkill and is deserved to be used not only by loyal Sony fans, but as well as power users who demand more pixels on their small companion.

First, is the thing about its camera capabilities that you were already aware of – the capability to shoot slow-motion videos at 960fps (frames per second). With some of the flagships like the Google Pixel and iPhone 7 Plus captures slow-mo videos at only 240fps at 720p resolution, the 960fps-720p combo is insane if you really love doing slow-motion videos. Along with its 19MP rear camera and hybrid autofocus of 0.03 seconds, you’ll really love the camera of the Xperia XZ Premium.

4K HDR Display certification (image retrieved from Sony)

Second, is the true 4K HDR display that seems ridiculous at first for a 5.5-inch smartphone. With the Galaxy S8+ at 6.2” only sporting 2960×1440 in terms of screen resolution, the 3840×2160 (Ultra HD) screen resolution + HDR combo with a high ppi is really dope yet seemingly not needed. View photos you’ve captured in the gallery, or watch some videos in true 4K. However, games and other media will be rendered in 1080p because the SoC and battery need room to breathe after all – which is, arguably considerable. Not to mention that this phone is the successor to the Xperia Z5 Premium, the smartphone with 4K display but no HDR.

Finally, the phone’s specifications can absolutely make its way to being a ‘flagship killer’ – having a Snapdragon 835 SoC (means that it might also support Gigabit LTE in the future), plus 4GB of RAM (because more than that is also an overkill), and a 64GB of internal yet expandable storage of up to 256GB. Added to the premium stash of features is its front-firing stereo speakers, its premium looks and otherwise, build quality.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium – 2 (image retrieved from Sony)

However, there’s only one thing we might not like about this smartphone, and it’s the fact that it might cost a fortune. With that tier of specifications, the price is expected to raise more than $800, although there’s still no word for the price and availability as of the moment we’re writing this (actually, its lower-end variant is already available for pre-order on Amazon).

Our say: Aside from the Galaxy S8, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium is a smartphone that can stand-up on its own. However, we can still declare that the Galaxy S8 is the winner if you get to compare the two – just set aside the overkill features that the XZ Premium has. It might be targeted to users who demand more power, pixels as well as clarity on their display. We can’t wait to see this phone in the market and get a glimpse of how the 4K HDR display on a 5.5” smartphone works in real world.

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