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The company behind Starmobile phones and tablets is now also in the TV box business, with the new Starcube digital television box. Distributed by STAR Inc., the box promises an affordable way of watching free-to-air live channels in “cable quality,” without a cable subscription. Just like the popular ABS-CBN TV PLUS.

While it won’t make your old TV a smart one, its P1,490 ($30) price is low enough to make it worth the risk of buying — only if you watch a lot of local TV shows, and don’t like streaming content either because you have a slow internet connection or you don’t have any access to it.

image credits to Revu / Elijah Mendoza

As with all TV/Digital Box/Receivers, the Starcube has a built-in antenna, and is capable of 1080p signal transmission (if your TV supports it), which could prove much clearer TV reception, when HD broadcasts become more common in the country. Others are the traditional RCA inputs for audio/video setups.

The USB port on the front of the box supports 1TB storage drives and lets you play content from external devices. It also allows you to record broadcasts for later viewing. However, we will not stop from warning you against redistributing recorded content – without permission.

For the software, there is an electronic program guide (EPG),  for picking out the shows you want to record — perfect for when you’re not at home and there’s no TV in sight. The EPG also allows you to look for show/programming schedules so you won’t miss any of your favorite dramas right there.

The Starcube digital TV box will be available on appliance and electronic stores beginning this second week of February.

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Source: Revu