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Tesla, the Elon Musk-owned company behind modern electric cars such as the Tesla Model S and X, recently drops the ‘Motors’ on its company name as part of their change in terms of distinction. Since Tesla (formerly Tesla Motors) is not only a carmaker these days – venturing into solar power, batteries and other types of energy-related stuff, being called Tesla does make sense.

Also as pointed out by The Verge, it’s far from the first company to adopt such a change to reflect widening portfolios. Dell used to be Dell Computer Corporation. Nintendo was “The Nintendo Playing Card Co.” in the ’50s. And perhaps most noticeably, the time ‘Apple Computer’ became just Apple when it announced the iPhone 10 years ago.

All of that changes would turn Tesla into a conglomerate with divisions in car and battery production, energy generation, artificial intelligence and an Uber-style transportation marketplace. It’s obvious, Tesla wants an innovation on their part, so they need to change, either.

via TheNextWeb, Engadget