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This app, called AIpoly, uses artificial intelligence and image recognition technology to inform the user (intended for blind and visually impaired people) what their smartphone sees for them to know. It won a CES Innovation Award, last CES 2017 for being innovative when it comes to perhaps…..people.

It can identify objects, colors and other things such as scenes (soon) and by using Neural Networks on mobile, the app can do its advertised job efficiently. See it for yourself (video below). 

Source: Aipoly YouTube

The app recognizes thousand of items when you point your smartphone camera to them and the good thing about this app is it always learn new things every time you use it. Since artificial intelligence is the main ingredient of this app, every information you input on the app’s database will be used to make the app better just by analyzing the data that the app has. This means that the app might recognize more objects and colors than usual because it understands on its own.

Being visually impaired is one of the biggest challenges a person might face, so having a companion that can tell them what’s in their front or what they are supposed to see is a really great thing.

The app is already available at both Play Store and App Store.