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It will be harder to search for torrents starting June 1 this year.

Search engines have agreed to block torrent sites from their search results in order to help fight piracy. However, most people do really don’t care about this as they still have the option to visit their favorite torrent site directly to search for the content they want.

Popular torrent sites such as ThePirateBay, KickAss Torrents, ExtraTorrent and others will be vanished from the search results starting June 1 this year. According to reports, Hollywood Studios and the companies behind these search engines have agreed to remove torrent sites in order to supress movie and digital content piracy, as they alleged these search engines to be ‘promoting piracy.’

It is also mentioned that the said agreement is ‘very close’ to be signed.

The problem with torrents is that they are widely used on pirating copyrighted materials and intellectual properties. Torrenting itself isn’t illegal, however, on the past years, it is widely known as the platform for pirated movies, software and other sort of paid digital content.

Source: FossBytesYugaTech | Image via TechWorm