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All your favorite communities, friends, and games, all in one place.

Want to do your thing on Twitch but don’t want to open another web browser for that? Then Twitch app comes to the rescue. Available starting March 16, the app gives you options such as:

The app gives you the option to install it on your Twitch Server / Client

This option would give you more flexibility and space, so you can do more within the app.

Friend Sync

The feature called ‘friend sync’ quickly imports all your friends and games you follow. So you can spend less time herding cats, and more time, chatting, video messaging, and playing together.

Voice & Video calls

Start a call with anyone by sending an instant invite link to chat.

Twitch add-ons / overlays

Find, install, and manage addons for your favorite games directly within the app.


There’s no further information as of this moment. But for the availability, it should be around on March 16.

Source: Twitch