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He was able to salvage the CPU, HDD and RAM. All other parts are destroyed.

Sad news for our fallen brethren right there. His custom-built Origin PC was allegedly mishandled by the United Parcel Service (UPS), when it was shipped from his former location to States for the purpose of moving.

The destroyed PC has this specs:

• Intel i7 5960k CPU
• EVGA GTX 980 in SLI
• 32GB RAM

According to the one who posted this on Imgur, it was his friends’ PC which was destroyed by the said courier service.

Broken pipes and leaked coolant all over the PC components and motherboard.

He also added that his friend didn’t have a way to drain it since he couldn’t use the computer and pump at the same time.

The ‘nice’ packaging done by UPS. A very huge breathing room.

Also, United Parcel Service (UPS) shipped this PC. He just simply brought it to the store, and they packaged it for him. If he packaged it himself he wouldn’t have been able to get insurance over $100. This was not shipped FROM Origin PC, but from his previous address to his new one. 

See the other images below:

The packaging shows a big space for the PC to move, without any sort of protecting foams, etc.

Leaked coolant spread all over the PSU and the motherboard cables.
Even PCI-E slots are broken / bent.


This GPU seems to slip out of the broken PCI-E slot.
A much worse photo of the leak. The GTX 980 in SLI just lost. 🙁

The story just got criticized by almost every PC enthusiast out there who see the post on Imgur. However, the problem behind shipping pre-built PC’s could have been prevented if you might have declared the package as “fragile” and tried draining all the liquids before entrusting them to your chosen courier service.

Sad news for today, our friends.

Source: Imgur