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It’s 2018, and we’ve always woken up to news such as new technology products, new gadgets & smartphones, new devices, and whatsoever. Some of them do sport like-able designs, but hey, some of them do also sport undesirable ones.

In this article I’ll perhaps spoke my clear stance about one of perhaps the stupidest idea in smartphone designs ever – the notch. In the pursuit of reaching the true nirvana of smartphone elegance, they have reached a certain point that resulted in a design failure, In simple words,, the pursuit of finding the true happiness by going all-screen, killing out the bezels, leads to something that we consider ridiculous.

If I were to be asked if I really like the notch, here’s my clear answer:

Not at all.

Some of you might say this isn’t a big deal – but look at it now – almost all 2018 flagship and midranger smartphones do sport it, and it really disgusts me to see one copying after the another, just to be in the trend.

If I were to give an exhaustive list of smartphones that has it, this page alone might not be enough. From Apple, ASUS, Huawei, LG, OnePlus, OPPO, Vivo, Lenovo and other Chinese smartphone manufacturers who explicitly clone the said failure, the list of smartphones sporting the design seems to be growing, almost every single week.

Some ‘top-notched’ phones

But who started it all?

Most of us do know that today’s notches inspiration was the one from Apple’s ‘top-notched’ (pun intended) iPhone X. Another courageous move aside from ditching the 3.5mm headphone jack, it really divided the masses until now, but due to its distinctive features and maybe the Animoji, people still ended up buying it.

I was scared to see if this design trend will continue across laptops. If it does, it is really an embarrassment to the industry. There’s a laptop already that has achieved this feat (shoutout to Huawei’s Matebook Pro) for that, and although it still has its share of flaws (the webcam placement might give you an awkward angle on making video calls), Apple has yet to do the same feat.

Huawei Mateboox X Pro

The clamor for laptops going bezel-less has also started, and Huawei’s Matebook Pro X had raised the bar. And while Apple didn’t unveiled any new MacBooks at the WWDC, new rumors are surfacing up that the bezel-less game is also coming up to the iPad. If that happens, you’ll know what’s next.

And while imitation is the best form of flattery on most cases, it doesn’t mean it’ll always yield good results. A failure, to be imitated by others, is considered a disaster, and I hope that, we don’t get to see this stupid cut-out on our laptops.

What do you think of the notch? Is it something that you’ll never mind? Or does it affect your decision on buying gadgets? Let us know.