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Microsoft said however, that it is just tips and customers can opt-out anytime they desire.

A Reddit user has somewhat seen (I actually do, too.) an ad for OneDrive when he was opening his File Explorer on Windows 10. Did Microsoft just came into the extent that even the File Explorer should become an advertising billboard, though we all know that Windows is already a paid option?

This ad from OneDrive shows above your folders on File Explorer (image retrieved from source)

Yes, you can turn the ads off—but you’ll end up killing all other notifications from file sync providers, and if you’re not using any such as Google Drive, DropBox, or OneDrive.

Our source, ArsTechnica asked Microsoft for a comment, and here’s their response.

The new tips notifications within the File Explorer in Windows 10 were designed to help Windows 10 customers by providing quick, easy information to enhance the experience relative to storage and cloud file management. That said, with Windows 10 customers can easily opt out of receiving these notifications if they choose.

We all know that this might be also a method that Microsoft did for users to discover this feature (that apparently, seems many users are still unaware of.) Of course, feature discoverability is important and every such company won’t add it if they don’t want the users to use it. Yeah, we all know that Microsoft became aggressive on promoting Microsoft Edge before, but this, can be done also.

Thankfully, as per me who’ve also encountered it already, it isn’t popping out again and again when you clicked Not Now, because that, is something that I am really not happy with. Consider that Windows is a commercial operating system that was paid for by users, I think this one isn’t good to see at all.

It was also pointed out by someone who commented on ArsTechnica’s forum that even users who have active subscription of Office 365 (which includes the OneDrive by default, are also seeing this ad).

Let’s just hope that we don’t see externally-linked advertisements inside the Windows shell itself.

Please stop this, and just strive even harder on making Windows 10 even better.

Source: ArsTechnica