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Cortana everywhere. This is what Microsoft really wants to acheive with Cortana. And to accomplish that plan, it is reported that Microsoft plans to bring Cortana to the lockscreens of Android smartphones, with the recent launch of Cortana for Android and iOS, completely revamping the user interface (UI) and perhaps, will be included on the next big update.

According to MSPowerUser, once the new version of Cortana is installed, users will have the option to enable Cortana on the lock screen inside of the setup menu. “After that, a simple Cortana logo will show up near the bottom of your lock screen and you can swipe the logo left or right to open up the Cortana panel,” the website explained.

It will just work like Cortana for Windows, giving you immediate access to information like weather reports, appointments and other data that you had provided on Cortana.
Now, let’s wait for the next platform where Cortana will appear. That would be exciting.