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A report from site TorrentFreak says that, considered the world’s largest in terms of audio-ripping, has finally settled with RIAA (a coalition of record labels, including UMG, Sony and Warner Music). main page (image from source)

The complaint by RIAA named 304 songs that the RIAA say were illegally audio-ripped using the service (though we are aware that more than that are being ripped every single hour, considering that many people do still prefer downloading through the said website).

The RIAA will also sought $150,000 as damages for every single instance of proven copyright infringement (imagine how much will they get if every single song was proven, multiplied to 304 – as they say), arguing that the said web service had powered illegal content distribution and profited from copyrighted content by collecting ad revenue from its site.

It also claimed that “tens, or even hundreds, of millions of tracks are illegally copied and distributed by stream-ripping services each month.”

Though the order hasn’t been signed by a judge yet, it shows a decision that’s in favor of the labels, with an undisclosed settlement fee and an order to transfer the domain to a party representing the labels.

If the final judgement / order has been signed (which we expect anytime soon), the site operators should transfer the domain name to RIAA. If the site owner fails to comply, the domain registrar for would be ordered to shut down the site within 24 hours, and allow for the registrar of record and DNS to be changed within 30 days to a registrar of the labels’ choosing.

For now, the said website is still alive, although trying to use its service results in an error of “We are sorry, this service is not available from your jurisdiction.”