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Image source: HonorTheCall / Kitguru

The very first Youtuber to be sued for promoting gambling websites to minors in their videos, is due in court next week. Craig Douglas, with the channel name “Nepenthez” was charged with illegally promoting a lottery gambling website back in October 2016 and is now set to go to court on the 6th February to face those charges.

Douglas was one of a bunch of YouTubers who were called out for advertising gambling sites to their viewers, many of whom are underage. While many of those streamers were accused of promoting sites that allowed betting of CS:GO skins against one another, Douglas’ charge relates to FIFA Ultimate Team cards and a website catering to the gambling of those cards.

In the time of being charged, Douglas plead not guilty, so we’ll be hoping his legal team can prove that he did not promote gambling through his channel. With a ton of video evidence for the prosecution to draw from, he may have a difficult battle. There is even some evidence to suggest he owned one of the FIFA gambling sites he promoted.

Referencing his potential legal difficulties in a recent video, Douglas said that he had “something coming up on Monday, 6th of February that could change my life, define my future.”

“If you don’t know, just Google ‘NepentheZ court case’ and it will come up for you. There is a probability that I won’t be walking out of court on Monday morning, and that’s scary,” he said via ‘PCGamesN’.

Well, as a YouTuber myself, we should not resort to unlawful acts just to let ourselves gain more. Remember that people are the one who watches you and when they revealed you do acts like these, people will also be the one who destroys and judges you. 

via KitGuru